Give a Cow...or a goat or a chicken

Gifts of animals are the gift of life to children, families and schools. They are sources of nutrition through milk and eggs. They are also frequently sources of income and economic sustainability when they are bred locally.

Go to our Give Now page to donate animals to projects where ICCM serves.

Animal Prices*

$10                  chicken/rooster

$16                  rabbit

$25                  turkey

$60                  pig

$75                  goat

$115                sheep

$320                bull

$460                cow

$1,750             water buffalo

any amount     share in any animal 

any amount infrastructure for animal projects

*These gifts benefit children at ICCM schools and projects. Through organized and well managed projects, animals produce nutritional, educational, and economic benefits to children in need. For example, a buffalo at an ICCM Hostel produces 13-15 liters of milk per day. This provides a livelihood for the widows who tend them on the property and also blesses the children with milk. Children may also learn about how to care for animals as they are sometimes given an animal as a reward for outstanding performance in school. Animal prices listed are the global average for that specific animal.