Give a Bible or a songbook to a sponsored child

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path."

Many school-age children appreciate having a Bible of their own.  Songbooks, or hymnals, are also valued gifts since in most places they are not furnished by churches for participants' use.

When a sponsor sends money for a Bible or songbook for a sponsored child, our ICCM National Coordinator purchases the book (written in the local language) and presents it to the child with a gift plate indicating it is from you.

Click the button to purchase and give a Bible or Songbook to your sponsored child.  Select from the "Child - Gift" category and choose either a Bible or a Songbook from the subcategory.  You may also choose to give one or more Bibles or Songbooks to other children who are need by changing the price.

You may also call us at 800.342.5531 to give a Bible or Songbook.