Gift considerations

  1. Small amounts of money designated for specific uses by your sponsored child are best. The Field Coordinator will help the child purchase what you intend from local markets.  In some group living settings, cash gifts may be shared via a monthly group celebration for all children in the company of your sponsored child.

  2. No packages, please. Packages are too often lost, stolen, or badly damaged before they reach the child. In the past, people have sent hard candy, crayons and other items which have melted due to great heat and humidity in transit. Not only were these gifts unusable when they arrived, but they also ruined other gifts and letters mailed in the same package.

  3. Duty & Taxes. Duty and taxes charged by the customs office for packages may be as high as the value of the gift itself. This can create a financial burden on the family or the Field Coordinator when claiming the package at customs.

  4. Clothing considerations. Judging proper clothing sizes can be difficult. Because of malnutrition and illness, many children do not grow and develop at the same rate as North American children of the same age. Sorry, we cannot mail packages.

  5. Consider this possibility: Small, flat items which fit in the white envelope we send with your receipt may be sent to a child through the International Child Care Ministries home office. Please specify the child's name and identification number on the envelope.

    Examples of acceptable items: bookmarks, stickers, small pictures, cards, "3-D" pictures of a religious nature, small scarf, hair ribbons, or barrettes.

    Please avoid: books, booklets, or tracts written in English; anything which could be damaged by heat/humidity; and balloons.