2020 vision

Although we celebrate what ICCM has already accomplished, the debilitating poverty in which countless children and their families still live compels us to do more. We have a unique organization with a holy responsibility to reach thousands of more vulnerable children. In fact, we believe we could double in a decade, from 20,000 to 40,000 children by 2027.

ICCM is entering a 3-year campaign to fund capacity-building. We plan to invest in three strategic areas:

will you commit to jumpstarting this campaign?

What gives us the confidence to set such an audacious goal? Our opportunities are breath­ taking! Free Methodist churches in many parts of the world are in a season of rapid expansion. Together, they include nearly 1.5 million members. Most of these believers live in extreme poverty, yet serve on the front Unes of compassionate ministry to children. They have the vision, the passion, the plan, and the personnel. All they lack is adequate funding and accountable structures to connect them with the provision that God can provide through us. Our confidence comes from God, who is powerfully at work in this world and invites us to join the adventure! This campaign is an act of faith.

In the coming year, you’ll learn more about this bold new venture. Immediate gifts will “kickstart” our three years of extraordinary giving and get moving on scaling up our capacity. Meanwhile, all who want to come with us on this major ramp-up, donate now and mark your donation “2020 Vision.” The children await!