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Explore options to broaden the impact of your giving. Through special one-time gifts or regular giving beyond sponsorship, International Child Care Ministries can provide crisis relief, food supplements, urgent medical care and responses to other needs and creative opportunities.

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Giving needs change frequently based on a number of factors. Because of this, we graciously appreciate non-designated gifts to be used where needed most.

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By sponsoring a child for just $1 per day, you'll be helping a child experience the joy of learning, hope for living, and the love of Jesus. Sponsor a child, change a life.

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A three-year focus to strategically invest in three key areas:
1) Capacity building for staff and developing our global team
2) Leveraging our technology
3) Completing our capital projects

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fight hunger

Malnutrition is an underlying cause of death for 2.6 million children each year –
a third of child deaths globally.

WEB India Rice fund 3 copy

India Rice Fund

100 meals = $75 (.75¢ per meal)

In India, 38% of children are stunted due to chronic undernourishment. Gifts to the India Rice Fund supply essential nutrition to children living in residential care. Please consider providing meals for these children.

Haiti Food Fund

Haiti Food Fund

100 meals = $40 (.40¢ per meal)

Half the population of Haiti is undernourished, earning less than $1 a day. ICCM provides school lunches for thousands of children, sponsored and unsponsored. Often this is the only meal of their day. Gifts are urgently needed.

Linda Pics (202)-BU

Burundi Food Fund

100 meals = $20 (.20¢ per meal)

Donations bring relief to one of the world’s hungriest countries through the distribution of Busoma, a highly beneficial whole food cereal. Please consider a gift to meet this urgent need.

special projects

Special Projects cover a great variety of important items, from personal gifts of Bibles and songbooks for children to medical care, to annual camps and outreaches, to essential infrastructure investments.


Where Needed Most

Mission-critical needs arise throughout the year. Gifts to “where needed most” can fill the gap so we can meet the need quickly.

Rajwardhan Jan 2017 copy

Ann’s Angel Fund

Access to emergency medical care is severely limited in most of ICCM’s countries. Ann’s Angel Fund allows us to act swiftly when the need is urgent. The boy pictured here has recovered from heart surgery and is doing well!

WEB Converted pupils at Mshimbakye primary school

Bibles + Song Books

Bibles and song books in a child’s heart language are precious possessions that give words of life and transformation!

Hope Street School

Hope Street School

Week after week, year after year, this ministry has brought hope to children living on the streets, often unsupervised and vulnerable to harm. The children receive positive attention and affirmation, not to mention food!  Children who come regularly and form relationships with the adults can “graduate” to the Saturday Holistic Child Development program. 


Animals benefit children at ICCM schools and projects in several of our 33 countries. Through organized and well-managed projects, animals produce nutritional, educational, and economic benefits to children in need.
















Rwanda kids with cow (1) copy




Water Buffalo



Share of a larger animal

Gift of any amount

trees, agriculture & safe water

Invest in healthier, more sustainable communities.

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Lifetime Water Filter

For $50, you can purchase a filter for a family or a school. With proper use and simple back-flushing, this filter will last a lifetime, filtering out 99.9999 percent of harmful bacteria. Learn more at:

03- fruit pods

Haiti Tree Projects

ICCM partners with Eden Reforestation Project to plant tens of thousands of fruit trees and other trees in school yards and at the homes of sponsored children.

(formerly Reforestation in Haiti)


Haiti Animal Projects

Our partnership with Eden is creating managed animal projects at pilot schools. These demonstrate new ways of raising goats and chickens to benefit the school children and their families, as well as the environment. New Research and Extension Centers will eventually help subsistence farmers with animal husbandry.

(formerly Research + Extensions Centers)

Water Well 2

Water Wells

In several countries, ICCM partners with local well-drillers to provide water wells in areas where they will benefit the community and its children.

fight trafficking

There are more slaves today than at any other point in human history, millions of whom are children. Sponsorship is a line of defense for many children. For the most vulnerable, we also offer homes or targeted educational resistance programs.

Educational Empowerment
ICCM will give children living in refugee camps access to education so they can grow into their full potential.

2018 Cambodia Poster Child

Freedom Fund

God has created every child with dignity. ICCM CMB, a holistic child development ministry, is committed to upholding and preserving every Cambodian child’s dignity. It is opposed to all forms of child exploitation and abuses that harm and affect a child’s development and growth.

Freedom Sunday offerings will be used to equip ICCM leaders, children’s workers, parents, pastors and even children themselves to stand up against human trafficking in this vulnerable location.

Columbia IMG_0771-feeding child mama ruth copy

Colombia – Findesin aka “The Beehive”

“The Beehive” is a life-changing, life-giving home for dozens of vulnerable girls in Bogota, Colombia. Instead of living in fear, they are now sheltered in a safe and loving home. We supplement what the Findesin Foundation is able to do locally through the Free Methodist Church to support this vital, expensive ministry.

Ethiopia IMG_20160723_174431 copy

Ethiopia – Addis Project

ICCM partners with Amanuel Light and Life Church to reach 50 of the most destitute orphans and children who are at risk of child labor and sex work in Addis Ababa. ICCM sponsorship supports these children through access to education and development activities, creating a ripple effect benefiting the children, their families, and their community. To see a video on the Addis Project, click here.

SFC India 6 (2) copy

India – Stand for Children

More children are trafficked in India than anywhere else in the world. “Stand for Children” equips caregivers, parents, pastors and other adults involved with our children’s hostels with information to prevent, intervene and end child trafficking in India. We have expanded into schools and other community groups to proclaim the message of freedom for all.

Phillipines IMG_1224 copy

Philippines – ATA Hostel Project

As is often the case, indigenous peoples are most vulnerable to traffickers. ICCM serves children in the Philippines who are in danger of being trafficked while walking to school in remote tribal areas. We operate a hostel where children are welcomed, loved, fed and protected during the school week and return to their families on the weekends.

Lahu Picture9 copy

Thailand – Lahu Project

Thailand is known for its robust sex tourism. Behind that sinister industry is the scourge of poverty that keeps people desperate for survival and easy to exploit. That’s why International Child Care Ministries was asked by local faith leaders to build a hostel and provide education, food, clothing and hope for tribal children. Our hostel provides 20 children with access to primary and secondary education and Christian care.

PHH - 2IMG_0625 copy

Philippines - Project Transformers

Metro Manila has the dubious distinction of being the global center of the booming business of cybersex. Children need vigilant adults to prevent unthinkable exploitation. Since 2015, Project Transformers has been offering Holistic Child Development activities, including the personal attention of a caseworker for each of the 50 children involved and their parents.

WEB 20150124-India (Trevor)-0591

Where Needed Most - Anti-trafficking

Through seven anti-trafficking initiatives, ICCM provides care and education to vulnerable children and equips thousands of adults and children to prevent exploitation each year. Gifts to this fund will be used “where needed most” among our anti-trafficking projects in Thailand, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Ethiopia and Haiti.

Learn more:

equip leaders

Our global team is comprised of lifelong learners from 33 countries. Through formal and informal educational opportunities, their growth benefits all our children.

IMG_4532 HA emergin ldrs

Emerging Leaders Scholarship

In our changing world, doors of opportunity open for those who pursue post high school education. A few of the brightest applicants who show promise as scholars and already demonstrate Christian leadership are given Emerging Leaders Scholarships. Consider sponsoring a student’s university education, making a dream come true. In most cases, a year’s tuition, room and board costs $2,500.

Catalog Haiti chalkboard

Haiti Continuing
Education Fund

Most teachers in Haiti lack formal higher education. To address this need, our team of well-qualified Haitian educators conducts summertime training for our 500 teachers and 50 school directors. Teachers gather for intensive coursework and refreshing fellowship. Please consider supporting this strategic investment in the future of Haiti.


Capacity Building for Staff

More than 1,000 international ICCM workers serve children in residences, schools and holistic child development centers in our 33 countries. Our constant aim is to equip them to serve with excellence. This involves training at many levels, from local projects to national gatherings. Investing in these adults’ development around the world is one of the best things we can do for the children.

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