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ICCM can help your church make the most impact with local Free Methodists in more than 30 nations who share your passion for changed lives.

Whether you want to immediately prevent child trafficking, provide clean water, change futures through education, help break the cycle of poverty, or challenge your congregation to connect to global Free Methodist church planting, International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) is your connection.

We look forward to supporting you as you lead your church in a new generation of renewal and outreach. As you connect to the future of children like this, the impact reaches directly into hearts of the people you lead.

Freedom Sunday Resources

This focuses on the new abolitionist movement to end 21st- century slavery around the world.


Free Video Resources

Please check out our videos to share what ICCM does around the world.


Consider being the point person in your community of faith or group to encourage child sponsorship and global engagement.

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We look forward to partnering with you for God's children.

Jen Finley
Church Relations Director

If you would like to your church to partner with ICCM, or have any questions, use the contact form on this page or contact Jen at 1.800.342.5531 ext. 228.

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