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Thank you for your heart! We have over 1,500 children waiting to be sponsored.

To search for available children to sponsor, please click here

To sponsor a child in a Creative Access country (places where we do not post their information online due to security reasons), please fill out the form below or call us at 317.616.4740 or 800.342.5531 ext. 502 and we’d be happy to assist you.


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How long does sponsorship last?

We hope your commitment to sponsor a child will continue until the child finishes high school or turns 22. However, if an ICCM student turns 22 in their last year of high school they’re allowed to complete that school year.

If at any time you feel unable to continue, please call, write or email the ICCM Central Office. If the child you sponsor moves away from our school or becomes unavailable to our program we will inform you and give you the opportunity to transfer your support to a new child, with the option for you to decline taking on a new child.

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Write to Your Sponsored Child

Thank you for writing to your sponsored child. We send all letters, cards, photos to the fields once a month. Sending letters and photos electronically does not get the correspondence any faster to your sponsored child, but it does get it more quickly to our office and saves you postage. To submit your letter electronically please use the form below.

Sending a Photo

Want to send a photo to your sponsored child with your letter?  Please attach it to your letter below.

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Ask a Question about Giving

Fill out this form if you have questions about the financial aspects of your donor account. We’d be happy to help you!

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This is not the form to ask questions regarding the specifics of your account (paid thru dates, transactional questions, etc.). This form is only if you’re having trouble accessing the site.

Please see the above contact form (“I have a question about my giving…”) for help related to those issues. Thanks!

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Request to Change or Cancel Sponsorship

Fill out this form to request a change or cancel your sponsorship.

Ask a Question about Your Sponsored Child or Replacement Sponsored Child

Fill out this form if you have questions about your sponsored child or replacement sponsored child.

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