financial integrity

financial integrity

Where your donations go

Your $30-a-month sponsorship improves your child’s life in a variety of ways.
Here’s how sponsorship funds are invested.

85% is used for program expenses, including:

The Child’s Direct Benefit

80% is given for…  the child’s education-related expenses, food and other essentials, and the means of providing this assistance locally. Depending on the mode of sponsorship, this could cover tuition, books and uniforms at an ICCM school, programming in a Holistic Child Development center, residential care so the child can access public school, or the cost of education and necessities provided through the family.

High School Scholarships

5% is given for…  high school scholarships for students whose sponsors stop sponsoring before the student graduates, or who never were chosen by a sponsor.


15% is given for…  the cost of leading and administering the global program from our office in Indianapolis, IN. This includes salaries, travel, communications, promotion and the expenses related to oversight and proper financial management.

100% of all contributions for gifts to a sponsored child are given to the purposes as designated. 6% administrative/ processing fees are deducted from contributions to our special funds or projects.
International Child Care Ministries is a ministry of the Free Methodist Church of North America, a registered religious nonprofit organization with IRS 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status in the United States of America. Also registered as such with the State of Indiana. Contributions to ICCM are tax-deductible to the extent that the law allows.
Note: International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) does not pop up on most online charitable giving search engines because its nonprofit status is tied to the Free Methodist Church of North America. FMCNA is a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). See FMCNA’s financial profile at this ECFA link.