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Roll up your sleeves. Get involved. Make a difference.

ICCM children need your voice, your time, your abilities. Working with kids – or on their behalf – can be so rewarding. Click on the buttons below to explore how to link arms in hope with kids around the world.

Local efforts – like raising funds to purchase water filters that can be distributed freely in places where children die because of diseases in contaminated water — make a global difference.


ICCM continues to develop opportunities for getting involved beyond child sponsorship (through sponsorship is the most basic and important way to impact the life of a child in a developing country). Have a good idea? Contact us.

get involved

As an individual

give beyond


Give a cow or provide clean water. Learn about other ways to help iccm communities

volunteer abroad


Love ICCM and want to support we do? Start a Facebook fundraiser for us!

Become an advocate


Want to share your passion for ICCM with others? Learn more about being an ICCM Advocate.

get involved with connected communities

as a community or church

a partnership between churches to impact the lives of ICCM children.

Connected communities can develop relationships through personal visits and recurring communication via email, photos, videos, and Skype. What a great opportunity to intensify your church’s global worldview, passion for missions and ICCM!