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Explore options to broaden the impact of your giving. Through special one-time gifts or regular giving beyond sponsorship, International Child Care Ministries can provide crisis relief, food supplements, urgent medical care and responses to other needs and creative opportunities.

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India Rice Fund

100 meals = $75 (.75¢ per meal)

In India, 38% of children are stunted due to chronic undernourishment. Gifts to the India Rice Fund supply essential nutrition to children living in residential care. Please consider providing meals for these children.

Burundi Food Fund

100 meals = $20 (.20¢ per meal)

Donations bring relief to one of the world’s hungriest countries through the distribution of Busoma, a highly beneficial whole food cereal. Please consider a gift to meet this urgent need.

Haiti Food Fund

100 meals = $40 (.40¢ per meal)

Half the population of Haiti is undernourished, earning less than $1 a day. ICCM provides school lunches for thousands of children, sponsored and unsponsored. Often this is the only meal of their day.

Extend Your Table

average cost for 100 meals = $45 (.45¢ per meal)

This general food fund is a great way to supplement food needs around the world. Give to the Extend Your Table Fund to allow food to fill the bellies of children where needed most.

Chicken - $10

Rooster - $10

Pig - $60

Goat - $75

Sheep - $115

Cow - $460

Water Buffalo - $1,750

Share of a Larger Animal - any amount

Fight Human Trafficking

Click the button to give to one of the anti-trafficking projects listed.

Lifetime Water Filter - $50


Trees (40 for $10, 400 for $100)

To give to Escuela Juan Wesley (Paraguay), Buconyori Boys School (Kenya), Alem Tena K-8 School (Ethiopia), or Hope Street School (Philippines), please put the school name into the special instructions.

Gifts of Education

To give to Linda Stryker Academy (Congo), put Linda Stryker Academy in the special instructions.

Special Projects

Bibles + Songbooks

Ann's Angel Fund

ShareWord Bibles

Where Needed Most