Impact of Sponsorship

the impact of sponsorship

Why sponsor a child through International Child Care Ministries?

ICCM has been changing children’s lives through sponsorship since 1965. All over the world, we can point to adults who once benefited from ICCM’s sponsorship and scholarship programs and now serve as leaders in their homes, churches, communities, and nations. We celebrate that over 100,000 children have been blessed with sponsorship in these 50+ years. Yet thousands more are waiting!

How does my support actually benefit the child?

Over the decades, four modes of sponsorship were developed in response to the specific contexts where the children live. Almost all of our leaders and children's workers in our 33 countries are citizens of those countries, who understand which approaches will do the most good and the least harm. Depending on the child's location, benefits come in one of these four ways:


More than half of our children attend ICCM-assisted preschools, elementary schools and secondary schools. For these children, your support goes directly to the school on the child’s behalf, providing some or all of the following: tuition, fees, books, uniforms and lunches. We design our approach to supplement locally available resources, so in some cases parents, churches, governments or local communities are able to provide one or more of these essentials, freeing sponsorship funds to fill the gaps in the other areas.

Holistic Child Development Center

In Southeast Asia and Latin America, your child will most likely attend activities at a Holistic Child Development (HCD) Center. These children receive their formal education through public or private schools, using local resources. Sponsorship for these children “goes the extra mile” to offer programming specifically designed to address the children’s spiritual, physical, cognitive and social development in age-level activities. HCD programs also equip parents, provide nutritious meals, and monitor children’s progress in school and daily life.

Residential Care

Some children cannot attend public schools in their countries because they live too far to walk and no transportation is available. In these cases, ICCM offers residential care in hostels–homes where children live during school terms, returning to their families during breaks in the academic year. Other children require residential care because they are orphans or are in a group that is particularly vulnerable to trafficking. For these children, our homes provide protection as well as an opportunity for education.

Direct Family Support

A few of our children receive direct family support, in cases where the parents are in accountable positions of leadership in the Free Methodist Church in their country. These families are oriented to learn to focus the benefit of the monthly support for the child’s educational and nutritional needs. 

Sponsor FAQs

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Sponsorship with International Child Care Ministries costs $30 per month, or a dollar a day. This is less than most organizations; we do our very best to stretch your dollar to do the most good.

Does anyone else sponsor my child?

ICCM allows no double sponsorship; you are the child’s only sponsor. In some cases, additional funds are needed (for example, to sustain round-the-clock residential care), so we use Special Projects to supplement sponsors’ dollars. Our food funds also fill in gaps when the benefits we provide children exceed the $30 a month support.

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Where can I sponsor a child?

ICCM works in 33 countries, most of which are described on this website. 

They are in these world areas: Haiti, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central America, and South America