where we work

where we work

*We also serve children in several creative access countries, not shown for security reasons.
Please call our office at 800.342.5531 ext. 502 if you would like to learn more about projects in a country that’s not listed.

Todo Mundo Feliz in Brazil

Todo Mundo Feliz (TMF – Everyone’s Happy) a top-notch child development center was started by the Mirandopolis Free Methodist Church in São Paulo, Brazil in 2002. It was deliberately established right on the edge of a slum area where drug traffickers are the law. Approximately 151 children are enrolled. Younger children spend the whole day at TMF.

Bright Hope Christian Academy in Nigeria

The students at Bright Hope Christian Academy in Nigeria are dreaming of their future occupations. These students are standing behind a table holding a vehicle they built. They want to be engineers. Some of these students dream of being in the medical field as doctors or nurses. Some would like to be lawyers or judges. These are the teachers who are helping the students to dream. They are helping them to learn so their dreams can come true.


Sanjit, his sister and brother can attend school because of ICCM sponsorship. Their father is a pastor. Their home is a tin shed. Sanjit received very good results in his studies. He is ranked third in his class. It is unlikely he would have achieved this without the faithful support of his sponsors.
a BIG impact in 2017

2 million total meals

anti-trafficking initiatives

99 schools internationally

4,000 water filters

Over 19,487 children

1,200+ animals given