Send a Gift

send a gift

Your sponsorship helps support a child’s development, including education and other essentials. But a gift beyond sponsorship is cherished by a child. In many cases, such a gift is used to purchase things that make life a bit easier, such as food, clothes or shoes. 

How Gift Giving Works

  1. Sponsors can send a special gift to their sponsored child every single month, or for birthdays or upcoming holidays. 
  2. Our National Coordinators or other adults will help the child purchase gifts locally according to what is needed.
In some group settings, gift amounts are pooled to provide special monthly celebrations for all children with birthdays that month. The pleasure all the children experience in recognizing and honoring one another outweighs any benefit that might come from a few children receiving gifts while the majority do not.
There are no administrative fees deducted from gifts to your sponsored child. 100% of gift money given goes to the child and their family (or, in a few cases, the residence where he or she lives–see above).
Anticipate at least two months’ lead time for an upcoming holiday or a child’s birthday.

What to Give

What NOT to Give

Child gifts that have the greatest impact in a child’s life are monetary, as they can be used to purchase items locally and avoid many of the issues stated below.

  • Packages. Packages are too often lost, stolen, or damaged before they reach the child. Duty and taxes charged by the customs office for packages may be as high as the value of the gift itself. Also, transporting packages from the port of entry to the child’s home would often be prohibitive. Mailing physical gifts to children can cause unexpected problems, such as customs/duty fees, theft in the postal system here or in the child’s country, possible cultural inappropriateness, and transportation issues.
  • Perishable items or substances that may melt (foods, snacks, soaps, gum or other semi-solid items).
  • Clothes. Guessing the right size for children’s clothing is almost impossible, and discerning what the child truly needs is not easily done from another cultural setting. Finally, transporting packages from the port of entry to the child’s home would often be prohibitive.
  • Any items that do not lay flat. Please confine any gifts to small, flat items that can be put into a #10 business envelope (4″x 9″) or flat envelope (8″x 11″) and no thicker than ¼”.

have more questions about what to give?

How to Give a Gift

Give a Gift Online

  1. Login to the Donor Portal.
  2. Click on My Children.
  3. Under the child you want to give to, click Make a One-Time Gift to [Child’s Name].
  4. Enter the amount you wish to give under One-Time Gift Amount.
  5. Add a special note if you wish (ex. “Christmas” or “Birthday”).
  6. Click Give an extra Gift to [Child’s Name].
  7. Your gift will now be added to Your Basket.
  8. Once you’ve finished adding gifts to Your Basket, click Your Basket.
  9. Select your Payment Method by checking the box next to your preferred Payment Method.
  10. Click Check Out to finalize your gift!


Give a Gift by Mail

Please mail your gift to:

Sponsor Number 
Child’s ID Number
International Child Care Ministries
770 N. High School Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46214

You can find your sponsor number and child’s ID number in the Donor Portal.

NOTE: Please confine any gifts to small, flat items that can be put into a #10 business envelope (4″x 9″) or flat envelope (8″x 11″) and are no thicker than ¼”.


Give a Bible or Song Book

  1. Click here.
  2. Set your Payment Frequency.
  3. Enter your Donation Amount.
  4. IMPORTANT: Include your sponsored child’s ID number (ex. HA123-45678) in the Special Instructions (you can find their number under the My Children tab in the Donor Portal).
  5. Enter your contact information.
  6. Add your Payment Method.
  7. Click Give to Bibles and Song Books to finalize your gift!


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