In northern Thailand, ICCM runs a hostel catering to the needs of a vulnerable population of children of the Lahu tribe.

The relative isolation and poverty of Lahu families make it difficult for them to access primary and secondary education for their children.

Very low educational attainment makes these tribal children extremely vulnerable to child labor and exploitation by shady entrepreneurs in the tourism industry.

Lack of citizenship prevents members of the tribes from accessing health services, education, secure land tenure and other services. Our home opened in 2011 and provides for about 20 children. 

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The Lahu Hostel

The Lahu hostel aims to provide 25 children aged 7-15 year old with access to primary and secondary education and the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ. The income of FMC pastors in Thailand cannot sufficiently cover basic needs like food, clothing, housing, education, and health care. They need financial assistance with the various needs of their children, particularly their children’s high school and college education. The sponsorship and scholarship programs for their children ease their worries of providing for their children’s vital needs.

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facts about thailand

Languages: Thai (official) 90.7%, Burmese 1.3%, other 8%

Religions: Buddhist (official) 93.6%, Muslim 4.9%, Christian 1.2%, other 0.2%, none 0.1% (2010 est.)

Population: 67,976,405

Median Age: 37.2 years

Literacy (age 15 and over can read and write) total: 96.7% male: 96.6% female: 96.7% (2015 est.)

School life expectancy total: 14 years male: 13 years female: 14 years (2013)

Child Labor – total number: 818,399 percentage: 8% (2006 est.)

$15.84 avg per day income                                    0.4% below poverty line of $1.25 a day