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Since 2008, I’ve had the awesome privilege of connecting compassionate sponsors with children from all over the world. In 30 countries, I’ve met precious children and the devoted adults who care for them.

ICCM can tell more great stories than I can count! An abandoned girl being  welcomed into a safe home. A remote village getting a school for its children. Vulnerable street children laughing and singing in their special program. Hungry kids devouring a meal. Shy children gaining confidence. Hopeless teens finding new life in Christ. Orphans enfolded in loving families. Students discovering the joy of learning. In all these ways and a thousand more, sponsorship changes lives!

We’re delighted to offer you this new website, where you can explore our work in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Learn about the children who are hoping and praying for a sponsor–and consider whether that sponsor could be you. Find out how you can get personally involved “beyond sponsorship,” through advocating, fundraising, purchasing animals or water filters, or volunteering.

We believe in the potential of every child–those born into opportunity and abundance as well as those born into poverty. ICCM gives me a firsthand look at the beauty of children developing their  God-given potential. Explore our website and see for yourself!

Linda Adams, ICCM Director

Linda Adams Director

Rev. Dr. Linda Adams has served as Director of International Child Care Ministries since 2008. She is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church. Prior to leading ICCM, she served congregations in Michigan, Illinois and New York.