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ICCM Advocates encourage others to become child sponsors

International Child Care Ministries believes in what we do. We have seen the benefits and the success stories that have come from children being sponsored. We think it’s important that churches, schools, conferences, events, etc., should know about ICCM and all it offers.

We provide ICCM Ambassadors that are based throughout the United States. ICCM Ambassadors can come speak, preach or teach at your church, group meeting, or conference event, etc.

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Our Speakers & Ambassadors

Alma Thompson
Rev. Alma Thompson, ICCM Director

Rev. Alma Thompson
ICCM Director – Columbus, Ohio

Rev. Alma Thompson is a graduate of Houghton College (NY) and was ordained as a Free Methodist elder in the Genesis Conference in 2004. She and her husband Brent are parents of a mixed-ethnicity family formed through adoption. Together they have served as pastors, as a missionaries for church planting and community development to Honduras, and for the past 4 years, as Co-Superintendents of a 5-state region.

Alma is Executive Director of International Child Care Ministries. Anyone who has heard Alma preach knows that she’s a passionate communicator. She’s also a strategic leader and an outstanding developer of people. She’s known as a creative mentor and community networker.

Jen Finley, Church Relations Director
Jen Finley, Church Relations Director

Jen Finley
Church Relations Director – Indianapolis, Indiana

Jen is a pastor’s kid who learned firsthand the global impact of the local Free Methodist church. As a licensed clinical professional counselor focusing on children, she has developed a passion for meeting the needs of children and their families around the world. Jen looks forward to building a partnership with your church to bring hope and a future to our global family.

Rev. Ray Babcock, Special Projects Coordinator
Rev. Ray Babcock, Special Projects Coordinator

Rev. Raymond Babcock
Special Projects Coordinator – Indianapolis, Indiana

Ray is married to Pam and they have three adult children. Ray and Pam served as Free Methodist missionaries in Mexico and in Brazil, as well as in pastoral ministry in Michigan. Currently, he is Regional Coordinator for Brazil and Administrative Assistant to the Director of ICCM. When Ray is headed to the office, he tells Pam, “I’m going to take care of the children!”

Rev. Megan Hoose
Rev. Megan Hoose

Rev. Megan Hoose
ICCM Ambassador – Rochester, New York

Rev. Megan Hoose is a lifelong Free Methodist and a second generation FM pastor. At a young age, she learned of the needs of children all over the world. But in 2010, Megan’s life changed as she heard more about the Inhospitable living conditions of children in Haiti and traveled to see the devastation of the earthquake firsthand. The faces of these children became more than a photo on the refrigerator. Megan lives near Rochester, NY, with her husband and two children, and would love to share her passion with you.

Kristin Evans
Kristin Evans

Kristin Evans
ICCM Ambassador – Los Angeles, California

Kristin Evans is our ICCM Ambassador for California. She is the daughter of former FM Area Director for Europe Jerry Coleman. Growing up overseas as a missionary and pastor’s kid, Kristin was able to work with kids from around the world. Now, while living in Los Angeles, her passion and call to help children around the world know Jesus and His love for them continues. She would love to come to your church or event and find creative ways to partner with you so that together we can bring hope, love, and support to these children in need. As Matthew 19:14 says, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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Jen Finley, Church Relations Director

Jen Finley
Church Relations Director

If you would like to invite a speaker, contact Jen or call her at 1.800.342.5531 ext. 228.

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