Animals: A Multiplying Gift

In 2018, $43,239.46 was given for animals which included the following: hens, roosters, rabbits, turkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, cows and water buffalo. Animals benefit children at ICCM schools and projects in several of the 33 countries where ICCM has work.

For example, in Burundi a major investment in sustainable development is underway. The aim is to provide food security, economic empowerment and job opportunities for the families of sponsored children. Training programs for animal husbandry and farming are being offered; pilot projects offer families the choice of breeding animals, increased crop yields in their gardens, or starting a small business. This approach has the potential to bring about holistic transformation in whole rural communities. Sponsored children are proud to share in their family’s new economic ventures.

The family of this Monte Santo (Brazil) student received hens via our animals fund. The small eggs are from a hen that was injured. Although the hen quit laying eggs, it is now beginning to lay eggs again, which start out small. This student told us the family eats about a dozen eggs a week given by the hens.

Just a few weeks ago, we shared about the Bless The Child Pigs of Promise program in the Philippines. This program is designed to be an avenue of financial relief to ICCM sponsored kids and their families.

Contributions to buy an animal impacts the life of a child and the community where he or she lives. Animals produce nutritional, education and economic benefits to children in need. Click here to watch the Rwanda Cow Project video.