God Answers Prayer

This photo taken by Phyllis Sortor shows the groom, ICCM Nigerian National Coordinator, Pastor Odu Nkanang with his beautiful bride, Mfoniso. We prayed for the Lord to provide Odu with a wife, and we celebrate with them this answer to prayer.


— ICCM Staff

October Receipts

We apologize that in the transition to our new database, the mailing of October receipts has been delayed. They will be sent very soon. You don’t need to wait for your receipt before you mail your November check. Just include your sponsor number on the check and mail it to: International Child Care Ministries 770 … Read more

Brazil News and Events

In late October the government inspectors visited our school in Monte Santo, Bahia, Brazil. One of them is holding the more than 300 pages of documents required to make the final application.

The inspectors were satisfied that the documentation can now be submitted to the State government.  It may then be approved, or there may be physical modifications to the school or other changes required before they can begin offering 10th grade. So far as we know, 10th grade in February is still a possibility. It is urgently needed. It’s still difficult and relatively rare for children in in the Monte Santo area to complete high school. Pray for this process to be accomplished to God’s glory and for the benefit of the children.



Khmer New Year – Cambodia

The people of Cambodia celebrate Khmer New Year, a three day holiday in April. We spend time with family and friends. Most non-profit organizations set aside time for staff fellowship. ICCM teachers, house managers and other key leaders eat lunch and fellowship together. The children who attend programs at the different houses (Love, Joy, Peace) … Read more

“I’m Nova Havana Nuez and this is my Success Story”

I begin with thanksgiving, thanking God that I was raised in a Christian home with two good parents and was introduced to God at a young age. I don’t remember a specific day when I first accepted Christ, but it was probably in one of our camps when I was 12 years old that I fully understood the gift of salvation.

I grew up as a PK (a pastor’s kid). Growing up, I watched my parents undergo a lot of sacrifices and hardship in their ministry; God was real and was doing something real in their lives. I was challenged and inspired to taste and see, so I become a pastor like them.

My papa died when I was 14. I am sure he’s proud of us for the legacy that continues in me and now in my brother. Being a PK has given me the privilege to avail ICCM sponsorship and scholarship. ICCM has afforded me an opportunity to be who I am. My life has been changed and helped through ICCM.

I’m so happy I’ve been able to give back as one of the staff in an ICCM project, the Door of Hope. What I do is amazingly challenging yet rewarding. Being a Project Director was really a huge responsibility for me and at the same time, I am a part-time Assistant in the National Office. My first thought was not to accept that job, but God assured me, “I can do all things THROUGH HIM who will strengthen me.” Indeed a challenge was given and accepted. There may be some hard times but there’s also great joy in serving God by engaging in the lives of the children. I also learned to improve my communication and leadership skills every day with everyone I meet. I learned to be a cheerleader, an encourager, and a listener. I love the fact that I did it! Thank God! It was far from my personality — I was a shy and a silent one. He is really a God of Transformation.

What I like most being part of this is all the people I work with and the friendships I have developed. The atmosphere of working together is one factor that encourages me, and to have that heart and vision to help these young ones succeed. Being here year after year was a humbling experience with the best and expanding friendships. The respect and trust have always had an indescribable and positive effect on me.

What I am most grateful for is to be one of the workers here in ICCM. I am proud of it. Most of all I am so blessed and thankful for the guidance of all the people I look up to, my mentors and co-workers. Their availability and support has truly made a huge difference and made me feel not alone.

Thank you ICCM Family, for the gift of being there, for the trust given to me. I thank God every day for these wonderful experiences I have and will be ahead. There will be millions of more children to be touched and changed and shared God’s love through ICCM. Cheers!! Blessings.

Note: Nova wrote this two years ago. On Dec. 6, 2015, she tragically died in a fire. She is missed throughout the Philippines and by all of us who knew and loved her. She was an amazing and gifted young woman. Nova is pictured at left with a sponsored child and at right, second from the right, with her ICCM co-workers in Door of Hope, Davao City