Khmer New Year – Cambodia

The people of Cambodia celebrate Khmer New Year, a three day holiday in April. We spend time with family and friends. Most non-profit organizations set aside time for staff fellowship. ICCM teachers, house managers and other key leaders eat lunch and fellowship together.

The children who attend programs at the different houses (Love, Joy, Peace) get together to play traditional games. They have a lot of fun and sharing over a simple, delicious meal.

The children from the House of Joy had a field trip. This adventure included a trip to the Royal Palace, to the Killing Field, a tragic period in the history of Cambodia, and to the Mall, a big market. They were really excited to see a lot of new things, especially how the people in the city live.

Bun Chandara, a holistic child development teacher at House of Joy says, “My students learned a lot about our country’s history. They can learn and know new things in Phnom Penh. Praise to the Lord for the trip. I love my ICCM students!”

The children at the House of Peace were so excited to play games with ICCM teachers. We have planned programs before, during and after the holiday for the students to keep them safe. Too many times teenagers and youths have died in accidents when they go out somewhere on Khmer New Year.

The ICCM Cambodia team and children are thankful for the many sponsors who give to help children in Cambodia to grow up holistically and learn a lot from new things in life.