Emigration from Haiti

Mondale Perkins Oscar, National Coordinator ICCM-Haiti, reports, “We will never stop praying for our sponsors who are very precious to us. The sacrifice they make every day to contribute to the lives of so many little ones in Haiti is priceless. With eyes of faith, they know whenever they invest in the life of a child, they do it for the Kingdom of God.

“The degrading situation of the country forces many people to seek refuge in other countries. At first, it was Brazil with open doors. Even people who had a status – a good job and houses, left the country, to escape the bad management of our leaders. Now many are heading for Chile.

“ICCM pays the price. Many of our teachers who were recruited by ICCM, who participated in seminars ICCM organized, who worked in our schools, left without even a note of apology. So, we are always in a perpetual restart.

“Our secondary students are also among those leaving the country. They are young to decide. But, once they have their parents’ permission, they just leave.

“Men and women, young and adult, when they find an opportunity, they leave everything, they go.”

According to a Wall Street Journal article (Jan. 21, 2018) 105,000 Haitians entered Chile in 2017. About 49,000 Haitians entered Chile in 2016. They enter Chile on tourist visas. Then, if they get jobs they can apply for work visas and eventually residency.

Pray for the ICCM Haiti team, the church, and schools who are dealing with the loss of those who are leaving Haiti.

Facts about refugees:

  • More than 65 million people worldwide are now displaced from their homes.
  • More than half of the world’s refugees – 51% – are children.

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