Brook Hills FMC – Liberia Connection

In February, Brooke Hills Free Methodist Church (BHFMC), Wellsburg, WV, took another bold step in their growing partnership with the Free Methodist Church in Liberia, Africa. Pastor Bryce Grieco and two leaders from BHFMC accompanied Africa Area Director, Mike Reynen, and Liberian National Mission District Leader, Rev. Rufus Kahn, to a newly formed school in Grand Bassa County. While at Zuezohn School the team was able to register 30 children for ICCM sponsorship.

Judy Ennis, a recently retired school teacher, taking part in her first ever foreign mission opportunity, explained the local church’s excitement about the Connected Community with Liberia. “There is something both beautiful and practical about being in on the ground floor of ICCM child sponsorship in the nation of Liberia.”

The faith family of BHFMC is committed to sponsoring all 30 children and hope to add more in the future. Zuezohn School was chosen by the Free Methodist Mission District Board of Administration as the school most in need of ICCM sponsorship. All involved believe connecting with ICCM will only strengthen and grow the school and the Free Methodist Church presence in the community by providing funds for teachers, food, supplies and uniforms for the children.

Mike Rice, Global Impact Director at BHFMC, was truly impressed to witness the interest and excitement created within the village of Try and See during the two days of ICCM registration. When given opportunity, many parents shared how they believed this connection between ICCM, Brooke Hills, and the Free Methodist World Mission Church in Liberia would change the lives of their children in addition to raise the overall morale in their remote jungle village.