Choosing Hope

written by Mark Logan, Northgate Pastor, Batavia, NY (blog excerpt)

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

Christopher Reeve

August 22, 2019

It’s about 6:15 a.m. the door to my room is open to the outdoors. I am listening to the wonderful birds of Africa wake the world. A group of people are tending to their crops by hand on a plot of land in the distance. A child just walked by with a large bundle of sticks on his head. The motorbike taxis are already transporting people here and there.

Today is our last day at Gahanda. I have mixed feelings. I am sad because my stay is drawing to an end. I am thankful for all that has taken place. The little school and church Northgate has been called to help has changed over the last two years. And the future is so bright. These teachers from Northgate that I have had the honor of being here with have brought so much hope into the lives of the Gahanda teachers. You can see it on their faces!

And the sponsored children and their families have been impacted in a life changing way. I had the privilege of visiting a sponsored child and family who now have a cow and new home because of one of our church members. The sponsored child’s mother told me, “I don’t know why God chose us, because I am unworthy … but I am so grateful He did!”

I sent photos of that meeting to the sponsor from Northgate and this is her reply, “Oh my ! I am just so humbled God chose me to sponsor that sweet child. His direction led me to pick Nadine that day. Isn’t that just like God? My heart is full and I feel so saddened to know how rich I am compared to those you are visiting in the community. It just seems so unfair. This world will end (someday) and then – oh then my friend, all of us that love Jesus will spend eternity in heaven! No rich or poor.”

Today, I continue to choose hope because of all of the above and so much more! Anything is possible!!!

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