Feeding the Hungry in Togo

Elisha (pronounced El-ēsha) is a young woman being used by the Lord to bring relief to children in the Adidogome neighborhood of Lome in Togo. At church, Elisha noticed many of the younger children often cried and disturbed their mothers because they were hungry. She talked to her dad, Superintendent Rev. Fosseh Takpale, who is also ICCM National Church leader of Togo, about this situation.

Dosseh encouraged Elisha to share her vision of how to help in a letter to people in and outside the church. After Elisha did that, people began to give money. With the help of Cecille and Christel, two women from the church, Elisha prepares food each week for 20+ children. They usually serve rice with either chicken, fish or beans. Sometimes they enjoy their more traditional food of Akume (made from corn paste) and fish.

Elisha, who is 12, says, “I love kids. … I want to give a chance for poor children to enjoy good food. It is a way also to bring unbelieving children into the church.” Elisha, an ICCM sponsored child, plans to keep this ministry going for as long as the Lord provides. She hopes when these children grow up and become parents, they too will support this kind of ministry.

(This original story can be found in the Missions Alive! study of West Africa 2015-2016. Learn more about this children’s study program at fmwm.org/childrens-resources.)