Schools for the Fulani – What’s the Story?

Our story of ICCM schools for Fulani children first began in Elaite, a small town in Kogi State overlooking Emiworo Village more than 10 years ago!

I’ll never forget these words from the first Fulani man we met, a true ‘man of peace’, Chief Bature. “My grandfather cheated my father when he gave him cows and wives but wouldn’t send him to school. And my father cheated me. He gave me cows and wives, but not an education. I don’t want to cheat my children that way. Please, won’t you open a school for my children?”

And that was when the Free Methodist Church and International Child Care Ministries stepped in with full support, sponsoring hundreds of Fulani children and opening four schools for them in three states, blessing these children, their parents and entire communities with not only the highest standard of education but also with the Good News of Jesus Christ, Who loves them, Who died for them and Who gives them eternal
life with Him in Heaven.

Today, the story continues! All four of the ICCM schools continue to provide an excellent Christian education to Fulani children! There are definitely challenges. More ICCM sponsors are needed, but there are great victories too. In July, Bright Hope Christian Academy, Emiworo, graduated the first class of students with all students writing and passing their college entrance exams!

It all began with, “Please open a school for my children!”

International Child Care Ministries and Schools for Africa, a Global Partner of Free
Methodist World Missions, are planting seeds of peace and the Gospel among the
Fulani people through education, healthcare and more. This is work God loves, and His
promise is for us and for the Fulani.

“Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness” (James 3:18, NIV).

Written by Phyllis Sortor, retired ICCM National Coordinator