Special Projects

Where Needed Most

Mission-critical needs arise throughout the year. Gifts to “where needed most” can fill the gap so we can meet the need quickly.





solar lights

medical care


Agricultural Assistance

Agricultural assistance to benefit children and their families.


Through our network of partners and caregivers in Europe, we are able to come beside Ukrainian families in a variety of ways: shoes and clothing for families, enrichment for children, diesel fuel and vehicle repairs for vans running aid and rescue throughout Ukraine, as well as a wide variety of language translation needs. Simply, the needs vary greatly and we are supporting in the most appropriate way possible for each family’s stage of the refugee journey.

extend your table white

Extend Your Table

Give food where needed most.

India Rice Fund

Approximately 80¢ per meal

In India, 38% of children are stunted due to chronic undernourishment. Gifts to the India Rice Fund supply essential nutrition to children living in residential care. Please consider providing meals for these children.

Burundi Food Fund

Approximately 50¢ per meal

Donations bring relief to one of the world’s hungriest countries through the distribution of Busoma, a highly beneficial whole food cereal. Please consider a gift to meet this urgent need.

Haiti Food Fund

Approximately $1.25 per meal

Half the population of Haiti is undernourished, earning less than $1 a day. ICCM provides school lunches for thousands of children, sponsored and unsponsored. Often this is the only meal of their day. Gifts are urgently needed.

Safe Water

Invest in healthier, more sustainable communities.

Lifetime Water Filter

For $50, you can purchase a filter for a family or a school. With proper use and simple back-flushing, this filter will last a lifetime, filtering out 99.9999 percent of harmful bacteria. 

Water Wells

In several countries, ICCM partners with local well-drillers to provide water wells in areas where they will benefit the community and its children.


Animals benefit children at ICCM schools and projects in several of our 33 countries. Through organized and well-managed projects, animals produce nutritional, educational, and economic benefits to children in need.

br chicken 3 (2)

chicken $10.

Special Gift Rwanda02 (2)

rooster $10.

goat $75.

sheep $115.

CB boy and cow (2)

cow $460.

water buffalo $1,750.

dairy buffalo

share of a larger animal 

Anti - Trafficking

There are more slaves today than at any other point in human history, millions of whom are children. Sponsorship is a line of defense for many children. For the most vulnerable, we also offer homes or targeted educational resistance programs.

Sponsorship is our most effective tool against trafficking. Additionally through seven anti-trafficking initiatives, ICCM provides care and education to vulnerable children and equips thousands of adults and children to prevent exploitation each year. Gifts to this fund will be used “where needed most” among our anti-trafficking projects in Thailand, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Ethiopia and Haiti.

Wunders is a ministry partner under the Set Free Movement that provides re-usable menstruation kits that help to keep girls in school around the world. Learn more about the project here.

Solar Lights

Solar lights allow ICCM children to continue to read and learn in the dark, especially in rural areas with unstable power.


Ann's Angel Fund

Access to emergency medical care is severely limited in most of ICCM’s countries. Ann’s Angel Fund allows us to act swiftly when the need is urgent. 


More than half of our children attend ICCM-assisted preschools, elementary schools and secondary schools. For these children, your support goes directly to the school on the child’s behalf, providing some or all of the following: tuition, fees, books, uniforms and lunches. We design our approach to partner directly with the local Free Methodist church initiatives and to supplement locally available resources, so in some cases parents, churches, governments or local communities are able to provide one or more of these essentials, freeing sponsorship funds to fill the gaps in the other areas.

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The greatest expression of our hope is to love others; to be part of the healing of brokenness in all its forms, for all people. We are thrilled to serve kids and communities regardless of race, ethnicity, identity, gender, faith and religion, or any other way in which discrimination can happen. ICCM is a ministry of the Free Methodist Church, USA, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.