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Write To Your Sponsored Child

Thank you for writing to your sponsored child. We send all letters, cards, photos to the fields once a month. Sending letters and photos electronically does not get the correspondence any faster to your sponsored child, but it does get it more quickly to our office and saves you postage. To submit your letter electronically please use the form below.

Guidelines for Writing to Sponsored Children
1. Be sure to fill out the form above in its entirety OR send your letter via mail to:

Sponsor Number
Child’s ID Number
International Child Care Ministries
PO Box 51710
Indianapolis, IN 46251

2. Please use the child’s given name.

3. Always include your sponsor number and your child’s number on all your correspondence. You can find your sponsor number and child’s ID number in My Account.

4. Want to send your child a gift? Click here for details.

Have a question about writing to your sponsored child?

International Child Care Ministries
PO Box 51710
Indianapolis, IN 46251


Phone: (317) 616-4740
Toll Free: (800) 342-5531 x502
Email: iccmsocial@fmcusa.org
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The greatest expression of our hope is to love others; to be part of the healing of brokenness in all its forms, for all people. We are thrilled to serve kids and communities regardless of race, ethnicity, identity, gender, faith and religion, or any other way in which discrimination can happen. ICCM is a ministry of the Free Methodist Church, USA, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.