Stand Tall

In a few countries, ICCM sponsors children of pastors (PKs). One of our most vibrant, successful programs for PK’s is in the Philippines. Pastors’ families deeply value the encouragement and practical assistance of sponsorship because of the financial hardship and the stigma of being Protestant PKs in a Catholic-dominated culture.

For several years, ICCM Philippines has conducted leadership development camps for ICCM sponsored PK teenagers. April 2017 saw the very first camp for 9-12-year-olds. Sixty-eight PKs at the “Stand Tall” themed event shouted, “#ProudtoBeAPastorsKid!”

Group activities and speakers helped these children see themselves as God sees them. The goal was to help them learn to appreciate their worth and realize their potential as participants in their families’ ministries. They also learned about human trafficking, children’s rights, and online safety and boundaries.

Fun-packed days began with group devotions and presentations by ICCM alumni and staff. Kids made up their own dramas and showed great creativity in crafts.
Singing lively action songs, playing games, making new friends, learning how to swim — what’s not to love? Stand Tall Camp was a roaring success!

ICCM in the Philippines has often led the way for our global team, envisioning and implementing great ministries. Youth camp for teens led by ICCM alumni was one such innovation, resulting in many teens committing their lives to Christ and embracing their calling to serve Him in ministry. Now younger children are benefiting from the special love and intervention of our excellent team, led by Pastora Charita Encarnado (pictured below not in green T-shirt). We salute you, Charita!

I learned that it is really important to have a devotional time with God. … I now understand why I need to be filled with God’s word every day.”

– Jan Angel, 12



I enjoyed the camp so much. I learned about human trafficking and how important it is to protect myself, knowing I can use my voice.”

– Angel Janen, 9

We sponsor PK’s in some “Creative Access” countries. Ministers of the gospel in those countries are often interrogated, harassed, arrested and even imprisoned. Children in those settings who experience this trauma gain strength from meeting other children with similar struggles.
In other countries, the biggest concern is extreme poverty. Pastors in places with virtually no cash economy rely on small gifts of produce from church members and often must work in other jobs to keep food on the table. ICCM sponsors’ support for their children’s education and essential needs is a much-appreciated blessing.