The Gift that Kept on Giving

A highlight of one of my visits to Rwanda was to attend the celebration that accompanied the giving of the 32nd and 33rd cows in Binogo, the “great grand-calves” of some of the original 10 cows ICCM gave that region in 2001. A local committee decides which family will be the next recipient; they spend a year helping to care for the calf, learning animal husbandry. On the big day, families pledge loyalty to one another as they ceremoniously give and receive this life-giving gift. Village children who used to suffer from Kwashiorkor are now healthy—the cows’ milk and the fertilized gardens improve the kids’ diet. A local government official thanked ICCM for our investment, saying that their new program copies ours.

For $400 you can provide a high-quality cow of a breed that will flourish in Rwanda. This program also offers training and annual veterinary checkups. Mark your gift, “GIVE A COW—RWANDA.“

ICCM Animal Projects – Rwanda from Int'l Child Care Ministries on Vimeo.