Visiting Ethiopia

“Thank you” in Amharic is “Ameseginalew” something I learned on my visit to two schools (Jimma and Beta Genet) in Ethiopia this October. These schools are bringing change to their communities. The parents want their children enrolled in our ICCM schools because they provide quality affordable education. Also, they teach good values and uphold discipline for both the teachers and the students.


Mengistu, our Ethiopia ICCM National Coordinator, works hard. He travels extensively to each one of our five ICCM schools to make sure all is well.

He loves the children.


A visit to Jimma School will give you hope. The children are clean and happy. Before class they gather together for instructions and announcements. They love to be in their school. ICCM sponsorship makes a significant difference.


Vickie Reynen, ICCM Africa Regional Coordinator, has worked with ICCM Ethiopia for several years. When she visits Jimma School the students and the teachers are elated. She inspires them all to keep working hard and trust God for great things for the school.


These Jimma kindergartens have warm, magnetic hearts; they will attract your smile. The teachers are dedicated to their calling – to teach, care and love these youngsters.


A visit to Bita Genet School is memorable. This school is a light to the community. Many parents are constantly seeking places for their children. The children here glow with happiness. ICCM makes this happen through sponsorship. 


These three girls at Bita Genet School listen with gladness to their teacher. See their eyes! They are eager and happy to learn. In this social studies class they are learning about the world.

There is a water well at Bita Genet School. ICCM in partnership with Come Unity made this happen. Now they have plenty of water.