2018-2019 ICCM Christmas Giving Guide

It’s our honor at ICCM to participate in God’s liberating work among His beloved poor and those sometimes referred to as His “cherished missing.” Our focus is on impoverished children.

Some of these children risk being trafficked and literally imprisoned. Our words and actions can protect them from exploitation.

Many children born into poverty have never known anything but oppression. They have no hope of an education, no sense of their own infinite worth, no idea that God could look on them with favor. These children are blind to their own value. When the good news comes with loving actions, it brings sight — their lives are brought into broad daylight, their eyes seeing new possibilities.

The Giving Guide is filled with ways for you to expand ICCM’s positive impact on children. We hope the pictures and projects will capture your imagination, giving new sight to your eyes. Maybe you’ll envision your contribution alleviating children’s medical needs, blessing them with farm animals, preventing trafficking or improving the hostel where they live. Whatever you can give will proclaim good news in all its beautiful and practical expressions.

Click here to view the guide.