A Sponsor’s Blessing

Valquiria was among a group of adolescent girls peppering me with questions just before classes began one morning. Valquiria suffers the effects of Albinism – the absence of the pigment melanin in her skin. This condition is especially challenging in the dry, hot climate, 10 degrees south of the Equator, where the sun shines in punishing brilliance nearly every day. Valquiria needs a prescription lotion to protect her skin. Several times this has been supplied through gifts from her sponsor. In this recent photo, she is pictured with other students receiving gifts from sponsors and the school’s assistant director. Because of sponsorship, Valquiria studies at our ICCM school, which is readily recognized as the best in the region. The students are taught to value, respect and love each other. Your prayers for her are much appreciated, especially because her father recently passed away after a three-year battle with cancer. It was a delight to learn both the director and assistant director of our school were themselves sponsored through ICCM. Every sponsorship of a student at our Monte Santo school is an answer to prayer.