The Cost of Fighting Hunger

Two students being fed lunch at school in Haiti


Half the population of Haiti is undernourished, earning less than $1 a day. ICCM provides  school lunches for about 20,000 children, both sponsored and unsponsored.

A meal for a child in Haiti is 25 cents.
A $10 gift will serve 40 children.


Dairy producing water buffalo

In India, 38% of children are stunted due to  chronic undernourishment. Gifts to the India Rice Fund supply essential nutrition to children living in residential care and to HIV/AIDS-impacted children in ICCM centers.

A meal for a child in India is 45 cents.
A $20 gift will serve 44 children.


Production of Busoma, a hearty grain produced in Burundi

Donations bring relief to one of the world’s hungriest countries through the distribution of Busoma, a highly beneficial whole food cereal.

A meal of Busoma for a child is 11 cents a meal.
A $10 gift will serve 91 children.

This program receives financial assistance through other sources as well. Of the three food funds this fund is well supported.


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