Kenya Boys School

At long last, the dream is a reality! Phase 1 of the Dr. Buconyori Free Methodist Boys Boarding School in Kenya is complete. Classrooms, dorms, dining hall, soccer field, and other essentials are ready to go. The first 80 boys are being selected.

The keys are being received by the leaders of ICCM and the FMC in Kenya. The leaders are overflowing with gratitude to God and to all the generous donors, prayer warriors and work teams who made this a reality. We have never been able to offer students a secondary school education. This historic “first” is worth celebrating!

With Phase 1 complete, it’s time to get ready for Phase 2! By early 2018, these freshmen will be sophomores, and 80 new freshmen will arrive. How can we keep the momentum going and be ready for that exciting day? It’s essential for us to move forward! How could we not choose to provide life-altering opportunities for another batch of boys? (And yes, the girls will be next, after Phase 4 of this project. …)

Daniel Shanzuh, ICCM’s National Coordinator for Kenya, gives us these architects’ estimates for Phase 2:

Classrooms and Bathrooms $54,069
Dormitories $59,052
Faculty/Staff Housing $61,123

Would you help us launch the second essential stage of this huge undertaking? A generation of students with very few options for a good education are hoping and praying that we’ll be there for them yet again. Please consider a generous gift to Kenya Boys School Phase 2. Thank you!