Light and Life for María

ICCM sponsorship has truly brought light and life to 14-year-old María in Paraguay! Today her beautiful smile and outgoing spirit give testimony to the marvelous ministry of our Free Methodist Light and Life Children’s Home and Light and Life Christian School in the city of Encarnación.

Abandoned by their father at an early age, María and her three siblings found themselves in a desperate downward spiral. Their mother, who was suffering from lung cancer, had made the difficult decision to move to Argentina to find better work in order to support the family. María and her three siblings (2 brothers, 1 sister) were left in the care of their grandmother, who found it impossible to provide for their needs. Light and Life Children’s Home opened their doors and hearts to the children, forever changing the course of their childhood and future.

The Lord, in His loving care for this dear family, quickly provided sponsors and the children were immediately enrolled in nearby Free Methodist Light and Life Christian School. They began to enjoy and deeply appreciate all that sponsorship offers. The physical, cognitive, emotional/social, and spiritual well-being of each child became a priority.

Many positive influences helped each one move from darkness to light and from despair to life. Character building classes at school, a loving Christ-centered environment in their new home and caring Sunday school teachers at church, who took a personal interest in their growth and development, all helped lead María and her siblings to faith in Jesus, which has made all the difference.

María’s transformation is remarkable! No longer painfully shy, fearful or insecure, she is now a confident, happy, active 6th grader. A good student, she has a knack for sports and enjoys music. María’s thankful heart for what God has done, and is doing, in her life leads her to enthusiastically bring friends to church so they too, can meet Jesus.

In October 2016, María’s 32-year-old mother succumbed to lung cancer in Argentina. The news of her death deeply affected María, who is the eldest. Through it all, María’s testimony is a beautiful one: “God gives me the strength I need each day to move forward. He has great plans for my life! Jeremiah 29:11 tells me so!”

Recently, Pastor Luz, Director of Light and Life Children’s Home, took María to visit some of her relatives. Upon seeing the changes in María, the whole family decided to follow Jesus as well and experience His transformation for themselves.

The small seed of sponsorship is bearing great fruit in the lives of María, her siblings, and many other children in Paraguay and around the world.