Light and Life Christian School

God gave school director Jonathan Da Cunha a vision for the city of Encarnación. There was only one Christian school in town at the time. Jonathan felt led of God to start Light and Life Free Methodist School with the vision of reaching families for Christ and providing the opportunity for academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. The school opened in 2002, offering Pre-K through 1st grade. Other grades were quickly added and 2011 marked the first high school graduating class. These graduates, many of whom go on to university, are finding marvelous ways to give back to the program that gave them a good start.

  • Encarnación is a border town, central to commerce. In recent years, a major financial crisis drove away families in search of work. God has been faithful to sustain the school through hardships and challenges.
  • The school ministers to many students from humble, single parent homes where it is difficult to make ends meet.
  • Light and Life Christian School beautifully ministers to parents as well as students. Throughout the year, parenting classes, workshops, and retreats are offered. The focus is on strengthening the parent-child bond, helping family members connect and relate well with each other, and assisting in their spiritual growth.
  • The school seeks to be a light and bring life to the children and families of Encarnación.
  • The home began with 10 children on January 6, 2003. It quickly grew to a group of 30, including some mothers.
  • Currently, there are 17 children living at the children’s home, the maximum number allowed according to current government regulations for the size of the building.
  • Four of the 17 are orphans whose parents have died.
  • The father of 4 siblings (a different group of siblings) is in jail for murdering their mother.
  • They have begun adding a second floor for more bedrooms. They lack $8,000 to finish remodeling to government standards so more children can be added. They feel a sense of urgency, having to now turn away children.

[scp_block_quote_alt width=”70%” float=”left”]This school is eligible to be a Connected Community. This new additional sponsorship model allows a church in the U.S. to come alongside as a partner to impact the lives of ICCM children. Contact ICCM Church Relations Director, Jen Finley, 1-800-342-5531 ext. 228, for information on connecting with them.[/scp_block_quote_alt]

Gifts to help complete the expansion that would allow Light and Life Children’s Home to accommodate more children may be sent to ICCM, or give to this need on the ICCM website. (Write Light and Life PA in the comments section or memo line.)