Thrive Kenya Supports Days for Girls

Thrive, a group of young women in Kenya who are raising awareness of gender based violence, human trafficking and ways to connect survivors to services, has been traveling to International Child Care Ministries schools to talk with and educate girls about Days for Girls (menstrual health and sanitation).


Thrive is a group of young women in based in Nairobi, Kenya who are raising awareness of gender based violence, human trafficking and ways to connect survivors to services. (Top row from left: Yvonne, Lillian, Violet, and Kathleen. Bottom row from left Jayne, Pheliciters, and Naomi. Naomi, Violet, Yvonne, Kathleen, and Lillian are ICCM alumnae.)


Violet reports, “The Days for Girls was such a nice experience. The girls were very excited to receive the kits, which are beautiful. We taught them how to count their days so they could be prepared in advance. Everyone concentrated fully as was evident from their eye contact and facial expressions.”



“Such training is vital. They could share their views from their perspectives and they asked burning questions. The training is important, providing facts that dispel misleading, inaccurate information gained through friends. Some parents do not share with their children the whole process, how and why it occurs. In many cases the girls are not comfortable sharing with their parents what happens in their bodies.”



“Having such training is crucial because the girls count on us as their big sisters. The schools were supportive. Some teachers came to assist us.

The Days for Girls kits will help the girls to fully attend classes and this improves their performance. We are thankful for the hands that prepared the Days for Girls kits.”




Without a solution to manage their monthly cycles:

  • 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa…

  • 113 million adolescent girls in India…

  • 30% of girls in rural Brazil…

will miss school this year. (Days for Girls)


“Around the world, girls and women resort to using rags, mattress stuffing, banana leaves, feathers, and even cow dung to manage their menstruation. Days for Girls provides a safe, beautiful, washable, and long-lasting alternative — along with vital health education.”

Support Days for Girls


ICCM supports Days for Girls efforts by distributing handmade kits to Thrive who educates and supports girls in Kenya.