When a Sponsored Child Gives Back

Achiever. Leader. Teachable. Dependable. These are the qualities that define an 18-year-old ICCM scholar, Sheila May Bayanban.

She has been sponsored for 11 straight years, and while being a sponsored child she has become a role model to the younger generation in their hostel in Saloy, Calinan, Philippines.


She expresses how thankful she is for International Child Care Ministries and her sponsor for being a great help in her life for 11 years.

Without them, she would not be able to study in high school because of financial constraints.

In return, Sheila has been a good steward of God’s blessings.


Since 7th grade, she has always been one of the Top 10 in her class.

She is also a leader in the hostel and at school.

The young achiever shares how the training and the rules in the hostel has molded her to be self-controlled, disciplined, and confident.

She willingly observed the rules because she knew that they help her grow and become better.


Being one of the eldest occupants in the hostel, she is also one of the facilitators.

Sheila advises from her own experience that once you are a leader, you need to be patient and understanding.

You also need to act first so that others will follow.

How she has dealt with the children in the hostel has taught her to adjust and be confident in dealing with her classmates at school.



Above all, she never forgets to acknowledge God for being the source of knowledge and wisdom, and for touching her sponsor’s heart.



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