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Our Sponsors are individuals and groups from many different countries, including Canada, China, Czech Republic, Dubai, Hong Kong, Hungary,* India, Kenya, Japan, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Peru, Switzerland, Taiwan, The UK and The US.
*India is unique in that it both receives sponsorship from other countries, and additionally, sponsors its own. Many of these “in-country-sponsors” are ICCM alumni. 

ICCM serves thousands of children in 9 Creative Access countries that must be kept private for the safety of the children. To learn more about sponsoring children in these countries, contact our office.


ICCM Argentina started in 1995. It consists of 2 weekend programs at Carmen de Areco and Salto. 


ICCM Brazil began in 1980. ICCM operates in many areas across the country, including Ibrite, Cuiaba, Monte Santo, and Sao Paolo.


ICCM Burundi opened in 1977. ICCM only sponsors pastor’s children in Burundi. 


ICCM Cambodia opened in 1999. ICCM operates 3 Holistic Child Development study centers—the House of Love, House of Joy and House of Peace.


ICCM study centers provide warm, home-cooked nutritious meals, interactive Bible lessons, fellowship and games, homework assistance, and the chance to develop and use their talents and gifts.


ICCM Colombia began in 1999. Many children in the community of our Free Methodist Church in Bogotá are at risk of being abused or trafficked.

Democratic Republic of Congo

ICCM DRC began in 1966, and transitioned away from sponsorship in 2008.


ICCM provides a Saturday and Sunday program for the children, where they receive homework help, a nutritious meal, spiritual teaching and fellowship and they strive to develop talents in the children that will help them in their future.


ICCM Ethiopia began in 2001. ICCM has 5 schools (Arbegona, Shashemene, Jimma, Bita Genet, Alemtena) and 1 weekend program (the Addis Project) in Ethiopia. 


We have over 50 elementary schools and three secondary schools with over 6,000 children assisted through our Child Care Ministries Sponsorship Program.


ICCM began in Kenya in July 1996. We currently have schools serving over 1000 children from Pre-school to Grade 8. 


ICCM Liberia opened in 2016. Liberia struggles with the “resource curse,” instable government, and limited infrastructure.


ICCM Malawi started in 1978. The country of Malawi is often described as one of the poorest in the world.


ICCM started in Mexico in 1978. We currently sponsor pastor’s kids. 


ICCM sponsors children in two Free Methodist schools that are bringing Jesus’ light to very difficult neighborhoods in Managua.


ICCM has been working in Nigeria since 1990 and now serves almost 1000 children.


ICCM began in Paraguay in March of 1983. We have 2 schools and also sponsor pastor’s kids.


ICCM Philippines started in 1978. ICCM Philippines does some of our best holistic child development projects. The 7 study centers use a holistic approach to ensure that all aspects of the child’s growth are given attention.


ICCM has 2 schools and 2 study centers in Rwanda. At both our Amizero and Rushashi Study Centers, special needs children receive practical training and physical therapy based on their needs and abilities.


In northern Thailand, ICCM runs a hostel catering to the needs of a vulnerable population of children of the Lahu tribe.


ICCM Togo opened in 2012. We have two schools at Lome and Tchore and also sponsor pastor’s children.



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International Child Care Ministries is a ministry of the Free Methodist Church USA, a registered religious non-profit organization with IRS 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status in the United States of America. Also registered as such with the State of Indiana. Contributions to ICCM are tax-deductible to the extent that the law allows. International Child Care Ministries is not affiliated with International Child Care, a charity operated by International Child Care (USA), Inc.